Which style of trip is right for me?
All the trips are focus in flora, fauna, history and culture.

Are trips physically demanding?
No, but we ask to be relatively healthy specially for the Kayak and snorkeling, for scuba we have a medical questionnaire.

How many people will be on my trip?
We offer Private tours and sometimes we add more people if your group dont cover the minimum of four.

Who will be my group leader?
Certified guides with a lot of experience.

Can i just do part of the trip?
Depending of the activity but we are flexibles.

Can i make any changes to the itinerary of my group trip, either before or during the trip?
Yes, we are flexibles but if we have to add more distance or other activities it may be a extra fee.

Im travelling alone is that ok?
Yes, but we have a minimum fee to cover.

I have a disability can i join an intrepid trip?
Depending what disability you have but we can discuss it and see if we can do it, we are flexible.

I have special dietary requirements Will they be catered for?
Yes, but we need to know in advance to be able to organize it.

What will the food be like on my trip?
Not spicy, we add the Spicy salsas after the food is cooked and is usually sea food, chicken, beef or pork with vegetarian and vegan option too.

Can i drink water in the countries i visit?
We provide purified water please bring your bottle to refill, less plastic is fantastic!

How do i obtain trip notes/itinerary for full details?
Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP.

How safe are my belongings whilst on the trip?
Your belongings are safe.

What is the currency in my destination?
Mexican Peso.

Can i use my credit card during my trip?
You can use your card in some places , we accept cash and PayPal..

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